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How To Become A Micro Influencer in 5 Steps

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Hey Everyone!

I wanted to come on and say thank you so much for joining the course 🎀 I hope you are able to learn from this course and start your journey as a micro influencers! if you ever have any questions always feel free to reach out 💖

Leslie Boateng
May 31, 2022

Hi guys, my name is Zaniya, but y'all can call me zee. And I've always wanted to be a content creator of some kind, and I've finally decided to take action, and see where it takes me!

Thanks to Paola I feel ready to do so, so thank you so much.

xo, @jvstz33 on tiktok!


Hello, my name is Constantino, I am 24 years old, and I am from Madrid, Spain. I love social media, and I would love to be successful.

Is it possible to be a creator or UGC influencer in rally or rallye? What things can you get for free as a rally or rallye driver, etc.? Could someone create a launch message for me to secure collaborations with brands as a rally driver, and also the same questions for football or footballers, please? I'm about to create a social media agency and want to help some clients, etc.

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