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How I Gained Over 20K followers in 1 week

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to share with you guys my experience on how I had a semi viral Tiktok and gained over 20K followers in less than 1 week!

Before Posting Tiktok's

Before posting the Tiktok's I did not think much about my personal Tiktok as a platform to grow. I had always used my personal Tiktok as just a fun place to post funny Tiktok's with my friends or family. Before posting my viral Tiktok, I had started posting little fashion videos because I was creating more content for my Instagram. With creating the content with my Instagram, I had just thought I can have fun with just posting random content in the fashion space to share my favorite fashion moments. I remember I had posted the video sharing my outfit and my photoshoot day when I was shooting for Mejuri. I had posted the Tiktok without thinking that anyone would see it or would be interesting. I had posted it and it had gotten some views but when I noticed the comments where like "OMG , we have the same body" " Finally someone with a normal body sharing fashion Tiktok's" This is the moment that I knew I could start building my Tiktok in a space that I noticed was missing.

Posting my " Welcome to Mid Size Tiktok"

I had decided to start posting content in the aspect of mid size fashion. I have always been mid size and I could never see girls out there sharing their outfits with a body shape like mine. When I realized other people felt the same, I knew it was my turn to help those out there! I had created my Welcome To Mid Size Tiktok without thinking of getting over 100k views and people actually loving the content I was going to start posting. I felt like I had a space created for those who felt the same as me forever. Going back to posting the video.... I posted the Tiktok around 7pm with the hopes of waking up and going viral ( like everyone's dream). And it happened to me! I had woken up with over 10K views without thinking of growing more and more. I woke up to positive comments of girls sharing that they wanted to stay on this side of Tiktok , that they finally found fashion inspiration with their body type, that they found someone that can help them with their body confidence. Waking up to those messages was honestly one of the best feelings because I felt a connection to these girls that were commenting! I started noticing that my platform was growing not only on Tiktok but also on Instagram. At that moment I knew I wanted to keep creating content because it was the thing I am passionate about and this was my chance to start doing it! Over the days the Tiktok kept growing and my platforms kept growing.

After Posting My Viral TikTok

It has now been 1 week and a couple of days that I had posted that Tiktok and I am honestly so beyond grateful that now I have the chance to create content based around mid size fashion. I have been able to create more and more content on a daily trying to help those mid size girls out there! I am so excited to keep growing my platforms both on Instagram and Tiktok and keep inspiring mid size girls!

Feel free to follow me on Tiktok and follow along my journey!


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