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Must Try Coffee Shops in San Diego for 2021

Today I will be sharing with you my top favorite shops in San Diego, CA

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Welcome to my newest blog post. Today I will be sharing with you guys my top favorite coffee shops in San Diego. Over the years, I have gotten the chance to explore new coffee shops in town and add new favorites to my list!

Kini Koffee | Del Mar , CA

Kini Koffee is a women on business in San Diego. Kini Koffee offers all types of coffee drinks and matcha drinks. Kini Koffee gained popularity on Tiktok with their video that now has over 500k views. I visited Kini Koffee and got welcomed by a fun and engaging staff ! I ordered my Vanilla latte with Almond milk which was honestly one of the best I have ever tried. I 100% recommend Kini Koffee if you are looking for a new coffee shop to try out. (P.S. Kini Koffee is on a roof top so you are able to enjoy your latte with the beautiful view of the ocean)

Parakeet Cafe | San Diego, CA

Parakeet Cafe is one of my go to coffee shops here in San Diego. Parakeet Cafe offers food, drinks, coffee, and pastries. Parakeet Cafe has the best gluten free and vegan pastries you will not be able to find anywhere else. With there 4+ locations across San Diego it is a must try. When going to parakeet I go for my classic Vanilla latte with Almond Milk and a Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie. Parakeet Cafe is also an amazing place to take a quick photo opp of your latte or even for your Instagram.

Holsem Coffee | North Park

Holsem Coffee is a must try when you are in North Park. Holsem Coffee offers an amazing array of coffee's and tea's. When going to Holsem Coffee you are welcomed by their amazing staff and baristas. Hoslem Coffee also offers pastries and breakfast to have along your drink. My order at Holsem Coffee includes a Vanilla Latte with Almond Milk and one of their signature toasts. It is an amazing place to sit and do work ( pre-covid) but also amazing for takeout.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post all about my favorite coffee shops in San Diego. I am going to keep this series going when I discover new coffee shops. If you have any favorites, make sure to leave them in the comments!


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