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How To Become A Micro Influencer in 5 Steps

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Leslie Samano and I am a new fashion designer/stylist who is looking to gain more exposure for my designs through my Instagram. I just completed the online course! Woo! 😀Follow my Instagram below and comment a purple heart so I know you came from here and I will follow back!

Design Account: leslie_samano_

Personal Account: o.h.l.e.s.l.i.e

I also recently launched a capsule collection with Shein so if you are interested in seeing/purchasing my designs. I linked it down below :)

I am looking for one person who is interested in doing a gifted collaboration with SHEIN/Me for my collection (linked below). If you feel that my collection aligns with your style/personal brand. DM me on my design account listed above. Thank you so much.




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