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How To Become A Micro Influencer in 5 Steps

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Hi, my name is Adriannis Almonte. I am currently a full-time college student and I work full-time. I have wanted to do social media for a while now, but I’m very nervous about posting on social media and not sure what to post. I have a love for finance, fashion and just overall really enjoy watching lifestyle content, but I don’t know which one to make my niche. I am also in the process of getting my real estate license but don’t want to make that the focal point of all my videos. I’m very excited to see others like me aspiring to be a full-time content creator and can’t wait to see each other grow. Please, if you have any suggestions, or you can relate or for literally anything, shoot me a dm on ig @Adriannis28 and or follow I’ll be following back :)

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