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2021 Spring Trends to Follow

Happy Monday ! Today I wanted to share with you guys some predications or spring trends this 2021! Fashion has been something I have always been passionate about and so excited to create more content with it! This spring of course we might still be in quarantine but that does not mean we can not get cute outfits and post them on Instagram or Tiktok!!

Colorful Clothing Pieces

Colorful pieces have always been in for the spring but this year it’s going to be a super trend. With everything going on and a new year we are going to want that pop of color in our outfits! For me personally , I love pink and purple! Colors that are always colorful and bright!

Funky Pants

This Year Funky Pants will be the trend to bring your outfit together! There has been so many cool patterns out already and so many more. I personally think this trend will be high for a bit than die down , but still one to hop on! Will you be hopping on it?? I am currently thinking about it !

Fun Print Nails

Fun Nails are something I am so excited about! This quarantine I have been learning how to do nails and I am so excited to try these nail styles! Let me know if you are thinking of hopping onto this trend

Colorful Shoes

With all the color that is spring , colorful shoes will be a top trend. I have always gone for basic color shoes ( white , black ) and now I am so excited to hop onto this trend. Colorful shoes will be able to spice up an outfit and give it that pop of color !!

Let me know your thought on these fashion trends and if you will be following them!


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