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2021 Fashion Trends You Need To Hop On!

Happy Monday Babes! I am so excited to share with you guys 3 fashion trends you need to hop on this 2021! Let me know how you liked this blog post and any other blog post ideas you want to see.

Colorful Cardigans

Colorful Cardigans are something I have been able to see all over Pinterest and Instagram. I know we might be past old cardigans but being able to get your hands on a colorful and fun cardigan is the way to go. I myself have gotten the chance to get my hands on a green knit cardigan from Zara. This cardigan is perfect to add a fun touch to your outfit or to have your outfit pop with the bright color. I like to call my cardigan Matcha color which has taken me out of my comfort zone!


Blazers are a whole statement piece in its self. Wearing a blazer gives you a BOSS BABE vibe which I love! Leather blazers are my current favorite but any blazer is also so empowering. I have been able to get the chance to get a leather blazer which is comfy and cute. With blazers I have also seen all over social media a double blazer trend, which means layering blazers ( 2 different colors) on top of each other.

French Tip Nails

Not as much a fashion trend but still a trend I want to explore more. French Tip nails have been around for a long time but now they are back with a twist. I have been able to see a lot of different styles of french tip nails from each nail being a different color to half french tip. With following the trend you are able to add a bit of a different touch to your outfit because of your nails.

These are trends I think are worth following this 2021!Let me know what trends you will be following!


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