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How I Got Over 70K Views on a Tiktok Video

Hey guys happy Monday. Today I wanted to share with you guys my experience on my newest Tiktok video that now has over 70K+ views. I wanted to share with you guys how I created it!

Behind the Tiktok

This Tiktok is based on this outfit that I have always been scared to wear. It was an outfit that was out of my comfort zone that I wanted to share with everyone. When thinking about the Tiktok I wanted it to be based on letting people know that wearing an outfit can boost your confidence!

Creating the Tiktok

When I made this Tiktok I filmed a video wanting to show my outfit and how it looks. With that, I made sure the entire outfit was in the video but also being chill. When filming the video, I had it in my drafts just because I was not sure what exactly I wanted the Tiktok to be or how I wanted it to look like. Once I got the idea to create the Tiktok to be based on the text feature, I know it would be quick and easy.

Posting the Tiktok

In the past TikTok I have noticed that for my posts, the afternoon/ night is the best time to post. That being I kept my Tiktok in my drafts until it was afternoon. A tip for those posting Tiktoks, pre-film Tiktoks, and save them in your drafts. When posting the Tiktok I did not think about making it a viral Tiktok or for it to get more views than my other Tiktoks. When I posted the Tiktok it was getting normal views for my post which was around 100-500 views.

The Morning After

Waking up in the morning, I always have the habit to check my Tiktok and see my videos. When I woke up my video had 20K + views and I was surprised when it was such a basic video and not as much work into it. But when I saw the views going up, I released that more basic/ easy Tiktoks are the ones getting more views than those more in detail Tiktoks. With hours later it kept growing and growing.

Overall Experience

Overall I am so beyond grateful for the comments and the experience with this Tiktok! There were so many comments complimenting my outfit but others saying that I boosted their confidence.

That was my experience with my 3rd viral Tiktok, let me know any other blog posts you would me to post!



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