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24-Hour Media Diet: Spotting Misinformation

For our first assignment , we have to track what social media content we consume in 1 of our days. In this blog post I will be sharing in segments the content I consumed starting from Morning , Mid-day , Afternoon , and Night. This blog post will share a deep dive of the content including where it came from , what is is about , how I read it , and what the information impacts me as a viewer.

Morning - 8AM-11AM

8:30AM - This morning I woke up to a message from my mom sharing a link to a video sharing information about "the prettiest street in Paris" . This video showcased a street in Paris that is shared as the most beautiful streets which I truly believed from watching. Once I went more deeper into the content and looking at the comments it seemed like others did not agree with this video or the statement . In the comments, there were comments that would say " no longer pretty" , " it's full of tourist" , " its not a street, its a community of homes". These comments make you think if the content is reliable or true.

9:15 AM - I then had to get up and start getting read. I started watching Youtube and put on a video from my favorite Youtuber Danielle Caroline. I had saw she just posted a NYC vlog so I knew I had to watch it. In her video , she shared her week in NYC and what she was up to. I love seeing how she lives her life in NYC as a creator and podcaster.

10:30 AM -  After watching my video and getting ready , I actually went into responding back to normal texts before going into my emails. Checking my emails is something I do mostly every hour or every other hour because my work comes from it, but this morning I saw a lot of different news. I had come across an article from E News sharing the breaking news about Princess Kate. I had come across it first on E News and it was honestly so devastating and sad to see her share her story. I had past seen on social media rumors about why she was " missing" and now seeing why and hearing her story it was really touching. After reading the article and researching more about it and started sharing the news myself to my family and friends.

11:00 AM - I changed to head out to lunch with my grandma and her friends. I checked my email if there was any new emails I needed to reply to and uploaded a TikTok video. I then headed out to pick my grandma up and headed to lunch.

Afternoon 2PM - 6PM

2PM - I finished lunch with my grandma and went back on my phone to check social media. I had not seen any important information other than normal photo content and videos. On the drive back home, I put Olivia Rodrigos new Deluxe album and listened to the new songs. I had been hearing mixed reviews about the new songs but I personally loved it.

3:30 PM - Once I got home from my grandmas , I went ahead and opened some packages and got some new makeup products I had been waiting for. I had then posted them on social media and getting many questions about the products and how I was able to receive them for free. I then answered the messages but also dove deeper into why it was such a populated question. I had gotten told from many that, it was very gate kept by other creators about getting free items or getting on a PR list. I was confused why because myself as a creator , I have always openly told everyone my process and not kept anything a secret. I then looked at some redits and read about how Influencers tend to gate keep to get more engagement or not have people"copy" which is a weird reason. With that information , I had then told them about the free course I had created in high school about becoming a creator and how all the information they needed was there.

4:30PM - After my deep dive, I went on my computer to work on some homework and had my snack. I had some web work to do which is what I focused on without my phone.

Night Time - 6PM - 10PM

6:15 PM- At around this time , I finished my work and went into my phone again. I scrolled through social media finding research for new audios or trending videos for my next batch of content. I had come across a new feature on Tik Tok sharing what videos are most searched for in your niche and how to boost your views. I was able to see more content about this new feature which was both positive and negative. I ended up saving some ideas to work on them in the next couple of days.

7PM - After scrolling for a bit , I went ahead and went back to doing some more homework to complete some extra tasks I had in the week. I like being ahead of class, so I went ahead and worked on some.

9:30 PM - Once I finished working on my homework , I did one last look on my phone on email and text message before going to bed.


In Conclusion, I was able to notice today after keeping track of my social media throughout the day there is so much false information out there. I feel like as a viewer, I see it and brush through it without really thinking about it. This assignment , helped me look further into things before feeding into the opinions. With that, it also shows how peoples opinions can reflect on how you see news but also how you can interrupt the news.

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Celina Uttah
Celina Uttah

Interesting read! Thanks for sharing a few details of your consumption life in this blog. Sending you love 🫶🏽.

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