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Claim Analysis

For our assignment , we were guided to look at an article that could be sharing misinformation and do an analysis on it. We are going to have to share step by step why we think this should look more into before believing in it.

The Claim / Rumor

For this assignment, I choose the topic of Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber getting divorced "soon". I am someone that is into pop culture news as well as a Justin Bieber fan so I wanted to dive deep into these "facts". For the past year or so, all you have been hearing from social media , news articles , and from the community around pop culture is that this couple " will be getting divorce" soon but it never ends up being true. Most of the articles / news sources, say they are providing true facts behind their claim but to me it seems like they are creating these "true" facts just to make their article "credible".

The article I choose today is written by News Week where they title the article Fans Speculate on Hailey and Justin Bieber Marriage after Selena Gomez Spat. In this article, they share about how fans and other sources are sharing that Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber are getting divorced and why they also agree. In another article titled Hailey Bieber Growing Tired of Justin Bieber's Immature Behavior is also creating a narrative that Hailey is tired of Justin and getting to the divorce point. When reading both of these articles, it states that they have "sources" or "inside sources close to the couple" which makes people think it is real or accurate.

Evaluation on Articles / Claims

When reading both of the articles, I first started off seeing the red flags, what I was skeptical about , what I felt was questionable , and overall what made me want to research more. I think it is important as a reader and someone who does share news to others that I am able to try this process / evaluation with articles I see.

Red Flags :

  • Including Justin Biebers ex Selena Gomez in the Title

  • Adding "from sources"

  • Only including photos where it seems the couple does not like each other

  • That Justins Outfits share he doesn't care

Skeptical Info:

  • The "drama" between Selena and Hailey about Justin

  • Including her interview with Call Her Daddy sharing her experience but in past tense

  • Where did Hailey showed that she is over" I Don't Care singer's teen tantrums and childish behavior" ?

  • Sharing a quote " They look like they are forced to be married"

Questionable Info :

  • What does Selena cutting back on social media have to do with their relationship ?

  • Why would they ask questions to sources on articles that are shady towards them?

  • Why do they share that he does not want to "grow up" if he is 30 , not a teen star anymore?

  • What does their past history before marriage have to do with their now relastionship?


In conclusion when reading or seeing articles like this, I now know that this is how I approach them. It is easy to believe something so quick with just a simple title but it's way more than that. This article had many things that made me think if it is even the slightest bit true and I hope others start noticing as well. I feel like now it is my job to introduce these steps to family and friends so they can better understand what information is true , false , spreading misinformation , or overall just a complete rumor.

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