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Misinformation Education Creation Activity - Mexico

For our assignment , we are assigned to create an activity showcasing what we learned this semester about misinformation but in a fun way. For my assignment , I choose too create two video showcasing my experience in Mexico and debunking the false information shared about Mexico.

Exploring Mexico as a Country

For the first video, I choose to share about my experience traveling Mexico and knowing about the country. This video is mostly targeted for those who are not sure about traveling to Mexico or those who are closed minded about the country of Mexico. In this video , I wanted to focus on sharing how I see Mexico but also sharing videos of my travel in Mexico. I have traveled to over 17 states in Mexico and I feel it is important to share that it is okay and safe to travel.

As an outsider you might see articles sharing travel bans to Mexico , the most dangerous cities in Mexico , and so much more. This could catch people to be scared of the Country but there is so much more to the country then these type of articles.

Exploring Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato is a city that is known for their beautiful buildings but also known as one of the most "dangerous" state in Mexico. It is shared by an article by AP News where it shares past things that has happened in the state. In my second video, I wanted to share why I love Guanajuato and how the state is so important in Mexico. I wanted to share my experience traveling to Mexico and why I was not taken away from traveling to Guanajuato because of "dangerous" news. In the video, I share the beauty of the state while also sharing why I think you can travel to it. This video was guided for those who also have been wanting to visit Mexico but might be scared by what the news is saying.


I hope the videos where able to share my experience traveling Mexico and showcasing how misinformation shared can be debunked. I wanted to share my experience as a traveling in Mexico about how I am always able to travel in the country and feel save. In the world , every place has a bad area or a dangerous area but it is not fair to name an entire country safe. There are things that happen way worse in countries like the US that sometimes won't happen in others . I also hope in the future, we are able to see more positive stories being shared about Mexico rather than just the bad events.

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