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My First Brand Collaboration Experience

Hey Guys! Today I wanted to share with you guys my experience of my first ever brand collaboration with Mejuri. I am going to be sharing my experience receiving the email , the product , and creating the content!

I got my first ever brand collaboration with Mejuri. This has honestly been something I have always dreamed of and I am so happy that it finally came true! I started building my social media a while ago and started taking it seriously recently and I would have never expected that my brand partnership would come this fast! Other than me chit chatting about all this coming true , I wanted to share with you guys some certain aspects of this collaboration and how it all went down!

The Email

One day I was checking my daily emails and I saw there was an email from the Mejuri team. At first I did not know if it was real or fake so I decided to do some deep researching on it. For my research I went on google, Mejuri's website , and I chatted with some creators who have worked with them in the past. When I got the confirmation that this collaboration was real, I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I was totally freaking out because I had always dreamed to work with a brand and more specifically a brand like Mejuri. In the email there was a link that sent me to what the requirements where and the products of this collaboration. For my collaboration I was chosen to be apart of their new pearl collection. I was able to choose between 4 of their jewelry pieces from this new collection and create content from it. I choose their pearl hoop earrings. Once I confirmed the product and that I was moving forward with the collaboration the next thing was waiting for the item!

The Product Arrival

Wednesday January 13th was the day my product came in . I was so excited to see the product and most importantly unbox it on Instagram. When the product arrived I decided to unbox it on Instagram even though it was not required in the collaboration. I did a unboxing on Instagram to share with my followers but also to keep as a memory of opening a product from my first collection. With the unboxing, I also decided to create an unboxing video for Tiktok as well! Once I unboxed the product it was time for me to create ideas of the content I wanted to create with it and how I was going to post the product on Instagram.

The Photoshoot

For the photoshoot I wanted to create a natural shoot that correlated with my Instagram. I wanted to do a series of 3 photos which would be a selfie , a close up , and a outfit picture. For my photos I decided to head to a new coffee shop Oliver in San Diego to shoot while having a little coffee! At the coffee shop they had a wood wall which worked perfectly with the shoot idea because it was natural and also a new background to add to my feed. When I started shooting I wanted to do some front shots where you were able to see my entire outfit, which was ideally a way I would style the earrings with an everyday outfit. With my 2nd shot I decided to do a side face profile, that way you could see directly to my earring and the detail of it. For my last shot, I thought a selfie would be perfect because it gives the follower a direct look at the earring but also at the creator. Once I took over 200 photos I finally decided on my top 3!

Posting The Content

The final step of my collaboration was posting on Instagram. I had my 3 photos ready as well as my caption. For this collaboration I had to tag Mejuri , and use 2 of their hashtags. Once I curated the caption and put the photos together, I POSTED IT!

Thank you once again Mejuri for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with you guys! Hopefully there is more collaborations coming in the future!


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