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How I landed my Dream Collaboration

Hey guys happy Monday. Today I wanted to share with you guys my experience on getting my dream collaboration with La Colombe.

My Back Story With La Colombe

La Colombe has always been a coffee brand I love. Every time I would go to the mall that had La Colombe I knew I had to go in and get a coffee.

How I Reached Out To La Colombe

When I started building my platforms I thought about La Colombe and how that would be my DREAM collaboration. I knew if I wanted it to come true I had to work hard to get it and that’s exactly what I did! With La Colombe it took me a while to find their campaigns and to see if they had any type of ambassador program. I could not find anything so I decided to reach out to them and send my media kit! They had responded with a link to sign up for a collaboration which I was overly excited about! I could not believe they had even chosen to send me the link. After applying, I was just waiting to see if there was a response. 1 week later I got an email back that I was approved. I literally screamed and could not believe it!

Preparing For The Collaboration

After La Colombe accepting me for a collaboration it was time to choose the product. I was chosen for a winter campaign directed towards their cold brew coffees. I was beyond excited because I love their cold brew coffee. With the campaign they gave me the opportunity to get 24 cans of the coffee I would like! After ordering , I knew I had to get ready to create content and make the best content with these products

Receiving the Product

1 week later I received the package, and I was shocked. I could not believe that I was working with La Colombe. Getting the package just made me realize like I AM WORKING WITH MY DREAM BRAND! It was a feeling that honestly I can not even describe.

Creating the Content

Coming soon……

Stay updated for a part 2 of this blog post


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